4 Things Your Luxury-Built Home Should Have

Doege Luxury Home Development
How do you define a “luxury” home? While every home should offer function and comfort, a luxury home goes beyond the norm and provides an extra bit of flair and class. This can, of course, mean different things depending on where you live. For example, a three-story home in an exclusive neighborhood is luxurious within a city while a home on acres of land may be considered luxurious in the country.
When it comes to luxury-built houses, you should have things your way, so here are four ideas for your own slice of paradise in the home.

1. Technology

The modern homeowner wants, and usually gets, it all when it comes to technological innovations. It is now possible to adjust your home’s climate, take charge of your alarm system, control your lights, and lock your doors from a thousand miles away with just a few taps on an iPhone!
If you are on the other end of the technology spectrum, you may be interested in the latest trend of using reclaimed materials in your home. This involves properties with wood beams, wood flooring, and doors that have been reclaimed. It is an environmentally friendly way to enjoy a luxury home.

Doege Luxury Home Development

2. Outdoor Pools and Kitchens

The first part of this equation is a well-known luxury addition to any home, but having a swimming pool alone is no longer enough. Those shopping for a luxury-built home want hot tubs, changing cabanas, and amazing water features, such as waterfalls.

Things take a marked step towards luxury when it comes to installing an outdoor kitchen on your premises. Homebuyers with a healthy budget crave the delights of an outdoor cooking area with a built-in gas grill, a stainless steel food prep area, a small fridge, a sink, and patio seating areas. For those living in warmer climates, leisure time is best spent outdoors.

3. Entertainment Rooms

The fast-paced nature of modern living means there is often little time for things like waiting in line to go to the movies. Fortunately, you can add an entertainment room to your luxury-built home. Properties at the high end of the market often have an at-home theater and game room. While this may sound incredibly expensive, an entertainment room can simply consist of a gigantic television, comfortable seating, and high-tech lighting.

Obviously, some people go the extra mile and include indoor pools, liquor cabinets, pool tables, and rooms designed like actual cinemas. Then you have the fabulously wealthy individuals who transform a room into an arcade or sports bar with the occasional basketball court thrown in!

Doege Luxury Home Development

4. A Bedroom Fit for Royalty

One of the most commonly requested luxury items in a home is a beautiful master bedroom. Since we spend so much of our lives in the bedroom, it is only natural that we make it the best room in the house. As a result, a luxurious bedroom should be a large, open space with room for a queen-sized bed and lots of seating areas. It should also contain high-tech additions, such as built-in automation systems to control security, lighting, climate, and window shades.

A dressing room can be added as an extension to the bedroom. If you have a love for fashion, the dressing room can be a haven. As well as having lots of storage space, a dressing room must have lots of lighting and mirrors to help with modeling clothes and applying makeup.
Obviously, one person’s version of a luxury-built home is very different than another’s. We all have varying décor ideas and lifestyle goals, so when it comes to creating your dream home, close your eyes and think about the most attainable modern amenities. Then plan to add them to your property.