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Phoenix Commercial Construction Contractors

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Information About New Commercial Contractors In Arizona

New Commercial Construction Choosing a Phoenix commercial contractor could be one of the most important decisions your company ever makes. Generally, the purpose of such an endeavor is to create a more efficient work space, make more room for employees or clients, or else it is merely a method of addressing aesthetic issues in and around a building. It is important for you to think of a commercial building project as a business investment, with the ultimate goal being to create a property that is functional, uncluttered, and built to your desired specifications. The end result should be a structure with a great ambiance, where all who enter feel comfortable and welcome.

Choosing a Contractor

In order to find a quality commercial contractor in Phoenix, such as Doege Development, that understands the entire construction process and appreciates the impact time constraints have on a business, you will need to look beyond the price when making a decision. When you compare bids, an excessively low price should ring alarm bells, as this is a sure sign of a company who may be looking to make a quick buck at your expense.

Look for commercial contracting firms with a long history in the field and the references to back their experience up. For instance, Doege has decades of experience in the field and hundreds of satisfied clients to show for it; each of whom we will gladly put you in contact with. You also need to ensure that the commercial construction company has the capital and liquidity needed to meet all the project’s expenses. The last thing you need is a bankrupt contractor leaving a half-completed job! When you have a moment, check out our Phoenix commercial construction firm’s portfolio for pictures and details on some of the recent projects we’ve worked on.

The Contractor’s Role

All commercial contractors in Arizona and across the country should be licensed, bonded, and insured. An easy way to find out this information is by contacting your local contractor licensing board for the state you live in to find out if a contractor’s license is valid, whether a bond is in place, and if any claims have been filed against that company in the past. The contractor is responsible for providing a safe working environment, but if you choose an unlicensed contractor, it is you who may have to pay for corrections to get the property up to code or even medical expenses for treating an on-site injury. The commercial contractor should fully bear all responsibility for improper construction, such as plumbing defects, electrical problems, and concrete corrosion. Please keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations when it comes to claiming compensation, though this is measured in years and not months.

Arizona Building Codes

It is a necessity to have proper building permits to construct a new commercial building in Arizona. Most building permit applications request information such as your name, address, and phone number, along with copies of the construction plan, project valuation, details of the contractor, such as licensing information, and a legal description of the property.

Undertaking a new commercial construction project is not an easy process and you need the help of a professional, reputable company like Doege Development to help you on your way. We encourage you to do further reading on Arizona construction law and contractors licensed to operate within the state by contacting official government agencies.