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A warehouse is a large-scale commercial construction project and as with most commercial buildings, the price per square foot can vary. The equipment, office space, storage area, overall size, and finishing details contribute to the final price tag. Below, we take a closer look at the costs associated with constructing a warehouse.

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What are the Costs that Go Into Building & Maintaining a Warehouse?

When assessing the total cost to build a warehouse, you must consider hard costs, soft costs, long-term costs, and finance costs. Let’s take a closer look at these items.

1. Hard Costs

Hard costs include materials, labor, equipment used in the construction, land/site, utilities, landscaping, HVAC, life-saving systems, LEED certification, paving, and grading, to name a few.

2. Soft Costs

When it comes to soft costs associated with a construction project the size of a warehouse, you must consider permitting, architectural design, engineering, insurance, taxes, furniture, taxes, equipment, and anything else that doesn’t fall under the ‘hard cost’ category.

3. Long-term Costs

Long-term costs are the ongoing expenses that a warehouse building incurs to keep the building functioning as intended. These costs include utility services, air quality features, maintenance, and any other miscellaneous monthly expenses.

4. Finance Costs

Construction loans are quite common and if you intend on getting financed to build your warehouse, you’ll have to pay the lender’s fees associated with borrowing money.

Steel Frame or Insulated Concrete Form

The two most common ways warehouses are built is with a steel frame or insulated concrete form (ICF) tilt-up walls.

Warehouse Construction in Phoenix

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