Tucson Madaras Gallery


  • Project Name: Tucson Madaras Gallery
  • Location: Tucson, Arizona


Gallery Remodel

Project Scope: Structural renovations to enlarge the gallery showroom, new feature wall with distressed wood and flooring improvements.

Client Testimony:

Over the 40+ years that I have dealt with construction and remodeling projects I have had varying degrees of success. There have been some really good experiences where I was satisfied with the end result and the process to get there went smoothly but, unfortunately, those are in the minority with typical projects being a compromise between what was committed versus what was delivered. The nature of the process I imagine for many in the construction industry.

The above said, it has been a real pleasure working with Doege Development. The approach and end result that has been delivered on our Gallery remodel project has been excellent, even with a few curves thrown in Doege has been ahead of the game with ideas, solutions and plans to meet and exceed our expectations. Doug has been great at supervising this work and communicating every step of the way. Even little touches that other companies would have skipped over were noted and addressed before we were even aware of them. Clearly, Doege Development staff have an appreciation of how a space will ultimately be used and work towards that result, not just what the plans say.

On behalf of Darrell, myself and the Madaras Gallery staff, we would like to thank you for this project. It has been a pleasure. We look forward to working with you on the next one!