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When constructing commercial property, it is essential that the Phoenix commercial contractors you decide to hire meet the aesthetic design requirements of the client; however, these guidelines may vary depending on where the building is constructed. Since many commercial buildings are used for administrative functions, they tend to be located around other businesses such as retail spaces, warehouses, and call centers. Other types of commercial construction include building restaurants, medical offices, hospitals, and schools, and from a construction standpoint, contracts can include completing shell buildings and performing tenant improvements. Each of these construction projects requires planning and zoning and will often use different raw materials, all of which must meet the standard requirements and will have an effect on the aesthetic design process.

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commercial construction technologyOne notable advancement in this field is commercial construction software, which assists construction companies as well as architects and engineers with many aspects of a project. Companies use valuable tools such as computer programs to assist them in their architectural design and project management in order to save money, stay on schedule and better plan. In addition to this, the software allows for project managers to estimate the amount of necessary raw materials, which also contributes to a project being completed on time and within budget.


Eco Friendly ConstuctionOver the past decade, there have been major advancements in the “go green” aspect of commercial building production. For example, Bio walls can be installed on the outside of a building in order to reflect radiation from the sun. In turn, these walls cut back on the necessary amount of heat and cooling needed to regulate a building’s temperature. Other construction products, materials and methods that fall along the lines of the “green” movement include dual plumbing systemsGreen Design Softwarerecycled insulationelectro chromic glass, and DC current to name just a few. It is clear that the constant progression of commercial construction technology provides for more efficient projects ranging from office buildingswarehouse depots and a myriad of other structures.


What’s This Commercial Construction Project Going to Cost Me?

This is the most frequently asked question in the commercial construction industry, but unfortunately, it is arguably the most difficult to answer. There are a vast number of factors that go into determining the cost of a project, and this causes estimates to fluctuate. While you can get a rough estimate by talking directly to a contractor and outlining your needs, it is wise to budget for more than the preliminary cost.

Should the Contractor be Hired Before I Have the Building Designed?

While it is not strictly necessary, it is deemed a good idea by experts in the industry. It can check for flaws in the bidding process, and when properly conducted, hiring a contractor at this stage can virtually remove threats such as subpar quality and high design costs. It gives you an early budget that fits your investment decision before the design stage, that measures costs, that controls quality, and that speeds up construction.

What Takes Place Before the Building Starts?

The investor needs to find suitable land to build on and should hire a construction company to help evaluate the suitability of the location, soil capabilities, and overall condition. A contractor can then help the investor establish a budget before engaging in the process of preliminary design. An architect then works on the design, and weekly meetings take place, as the design process is measured against estimated benchmarks. A working design is developed, and specialty contractors may be invited to make bids on specific parts of the project.

What Expectations Should I Have in Regards to Warranty?

This depends entirely on the contractor you work with. Typically, however, a construction company offers a 100 percent warranty on everything inside the building, with features such as electrical and mechanical equipment having longer warranties.

What Are the Types of Projects That Commercial Contractors Cover?

An increasing number of commercial contractors have expanded their areas of expertise and will assist investors when it comes to projects such as restaurants, museums, bank buildings, auto dealerships, retail structures, housing for seniors, hotels, and much more.

What Details Should I Know About How Commercial Construction Loans Work?

The process begins when the developer submits a loan request to a licensed lender. These lenders are generally regional and local community banks, though national banks and life insurance companies may also offer a commercial construction loan. There are normally two loans required, though they are often combined into a single loan.

Short-term financing funds the construction and lease-up phases while long-term financing occurs once a project has stabilized and leases to the market level of occupancy. Due to the sums of money involved, getting a commercial construction loan can be a long and complex process, so patience is required.

Should I Be Interested in Distressed Buildings?

An increasing number of investors are looking to buy distressed buildings because of the low price. While such a purchase can be a shrewd investment, you need to deal with a contractor that specializes in the renovation of distressed buildings. Otherwise, you could end up paying tens of thousands of dollars for work that doesn’t meet a decent standard. You also need to find out if there have been any building code changes since the building was vacated or if the building permit has expired.